Metrology in Rochester, Indiana

Flenar Manufacturing has a firm grasp on traditional and modern digital measurement techniques, and we utilize both to ensure adherence to dimensional tolerances during production and final inspection. Among our metrology services are comparator inspection, hard gauging, and CMM inspection.
Three D coordinate sensor tool measuring evolvent surface of metal cogwheel gear on metal shaft

CMM Inspection

A CMM, or coordinate measuring machine, inspection allows objects for products to be measured and quality-checked. This piece of equipment is used to measure the dimensions and characteristics of an object. It is capable of measuring a single point in a 3D shape, or the entire shape if necessary. A CMM utilizes three axes, each axis helping to measure the product as well as position it accurately for other machines.

There is a wide range of capabilities that a CMM can facilitate, including:

  • Dimensional – The ability to measure multiple axes of an object to read its full dimensions.
  • Profile – Capturing profile information and the form of both 2D and 3D objects.
  • Angle – Measuring angles and orientation of two different points of an object.
  • Depth – Ability to map the depth of any object with the use of two stereo images.

Value Added Services

Heat Treatment

Heat treating allows a metal piece to be improved in order for the material to better withstand wear and tear. This process involves heating a metal or alloy to a specific temperature and then cooling it to harden the material. Heat treatment can be used at different stages in the manufacturing process to change certain properties of the material being used; you might use heat treatment to make it stronger, harder, or more durable depending on what the material needs in order to perform properly.

Media Blasting

Media blasting utilizes compressed air, abrasive media, and specialized equipment to quickly prepare a surface for refinishing or other purposes. This is a very efficient way to remove debris from the surface of parts or prepare a surface for painting or other finishes.

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