What is Metrology? | CMM Inspection & Heat Treatment in Rochester, In.

What is Metrology? | CMM Inspection & Heat Treatment in Rochester, In.

Each week, manufacturers around the world produce millions of parts, and most of them don’t follow the same product design or specifications. This is only possible through automated machining processes, and for these processes (including CNC machining) to exist, manufacturers must utilize trustworthy equipment and tooling. Still, it is unavoidable that these machines and pieces will experience wear over time, and, if left unattended, this can produce physical issues in the parts being produced. In addition to general quality issues, these inaccurate tolerances can result in nonfunctional parts.


This is where metrology comes in. In reference to machining, metrology is an umbrella term used to describe quality assurance methods that keep machinery calibrated prior to production; they also ensure proper measurement of the parts produced during that run. Familiar with traditional and modern digital measurement techniques, Flenar Manufacturing’s quality management system guarantees that your dimensional tolerances will be met during production and final inspection. Contact us today to learn more about how our metrology services directly benefit you.


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What is Metrology?

Every measurement contains some level of uncertainty, and that is ultimately the basis for metrology. To avoid more substantial degrees of uncertainty that can be debilitating to production runs, it is critical for manufacturers to calibrate their equipment. Proper calibration leads to maximum part accuracy. 


Before production on a part is commenced, metrological equipment is used to calibrate any machines or tools that will be used during the process. If this particular piece has been optimized for manufacturability (something Flenar can help with), those tolerances will be factored to ensure that any minor differences in component size will not affect fit, form, or function of the piece. Metrology is once again used once production is completed to guarantee the produced components meet customer expectations. 

Metrology Services in Rochester

Flenar Manufacturing offers a wide variety of metrology services in Rochester, Indiana, including CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection, hard gauging, and comparator inspection. A CMM is the perfect piece of equipment to ensure parts are produced with specific dimensions and characteristics in mind. These machines utilize a three-axis system that aids in four different kinds of measurement: dimensional (measuring multiple axes of an object to read its full dimensions), profile (capturing profile information and the form of both 2D and 3D objects), angle (measuring angles and orientation of two different points of an object), and depth (mapping the depth of any object with the use of two stereo images).

CMM Inspection in Indiana

As time marches on, the design specifications involved in manufacturing and machining become tighter and tighter. Fortunately, machine shops like Flenar Manufacturing have the technology necessary to provide surface finish and other characteristics within ten thousandths of an inch. If you work in markets where accuracy is paramount, such as aerospace and the medical field, you should partner with a manufacturer that knows how to produce superior parts. Flenar Manufacturing can help. 


We utilize advanced metrology tools to produce consistent, high-quality parts designed to meet industry-specific compliances. Additionally, our customers can expect comprehensive support from our skilled staff. By partnering with Flenar Manufacturing, you can look forward to superior parts that arrive on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about the distinctive CNC machining and metrology services we offer.


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