About us

About Flenar Manufacturing, An FDA Registered Machine Shop in Indiana

Flenar Manufacturing started in October of 2013 by purchasing Crystal Valley Machine and Engineering and moving its assets from Middlebury to a new location south of Rochester, Indiana. In the beginning, the shop was two VF-2 Haas Mills and some inspection equipment housed in a simple 30’x30’ pole building. Today, our operations take place in a 4,000 square foot building with even more machines.

Two of the things that set Flenar Manufacturing apart from other precision CNC machine shops are capability and customization. We have an understanding of and gladly aid in the design aspects of manufacturing. In terms of parts and tolerances, Flenar is capable of using a variety of materials, including a variety of stainless steels and aluminum. We love the diversity of our customers and their projects, and we never back down from a challenge, so we hope you’ll read more about our services and contact us to learn more about what Flenar Manufacturing can do for you today.

Meet Brian Flenar

Owner and Founder of Flenar Manufacturing

Brian Flenar started as a CNC Operator at Fulton Industries, Inc. machining castings for Capterpillar, Inc. and Detroit Diesel. He then decided to study machine trades and advanced manufacturing at Vincennes University. After graduating, Flenar began working for different companies in the medical device industry – an industry he now serves after starting what would become Flenar Manufacturing in 2013.

With extensive experience in CNC machining and a foundational education in machine trades, tool and die, injection molding, and advanced manufacturing, Brian brings a higher level of understanding of the processes that go into each and every part request that comes to Flenar Manufacturing.

“I have always been fascinated with the idea that hard materials like metal can be cut and shaped,” says Flenar. “Machining allows people to be artistic and creative, but at the same time precise and controlled. Taking a raw piece of material and turning it into something. Watching the chips peel away.”

In addition to his personal interest in machining, Flenar hopes to provide jobs to those in the community. Flenar Manufacturing values being a part of American manufacturing and strengthening our own self-reliance as a country. By embracing new technologies and being charitable with their blessings to help those in need, Flenar hopes to create a legacy for his family.

About Our Machining Centers & Other Equipment

Our success in the fields of precision CNC machining and metrology is largely due to our extensive experience and expertise, but it doesn’t hurt that we have a variety of superior machines to work with. The equipment used by Flenar Manufacturing includes the following:

Milling – 4 axis

  • HAAS VF-2 w/ HRT160 Rotary
  • HAAS VF-2 w/ HRT160 Rotary

Milling – 5 axis

  • HAAS VF-1 YT w/ T5C2
  • HAAS VF-2 SSYT w/ T5C2


  • Star SR-32


  • Hexagon 4.5.4 CMM
  • Starrett HB400

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